Electric Vehicle Seminar at IBEW training center in Cincinnati

I went to the GEO (Green Energy Ohio) EV Seminar at the IBEW Training Center on Cincinnati’s West side yesterday and it was a relaxed, fun time. I got to drive the worlds 1st and only 100% electric Jeep Cherokee as well as several different Chevy Volts!  Several speakers gave great presentations and there was a great deal to absorb in a short time. I did meet the admin for the EV program at the center, and I made the decision right on the spot to sign up for the fall class in EV Technology and to get my EV Certification by the end of this year! I’m already NABCEP certified for PV Solar installation and Technical Sales, and the electric car market is a good BLEND with solar, so I feel this is a great direction to grow in!

Chevy Volt in full advertising paint job

Fully decorated Chevy Volt is a rolling billboard!!tion to grow in!!!

Owner and DIY Solar Consultant prepares for test drive of Jeep Cherokee Electric Conversion

Joe prepares to test drive the new 100% electric Jeep Cherokee for the 1st time!100% Electric tag on this Jeep Cherokee