Joe is officially the man! He will get panels on your house… You should hire him and save tons of $$$ if you don’t mind doing some work yourself. He will give you everything you need and help you through the entire process… THANK YOU JOE!!!!  –  Rick

Simple DIY Solar Assistance

If you’re contemplating installation of a DIY solar photovoltaic system and you’re not sure where to start, or if you’ve already begun and want to be sure you’ve got it all right, contact DIY Solar Helper and I can do a preliminary review with you for a very modest fee, and save you a bundle. DIY Solar is not for everyone, but for those who are on a budget, practical and determined, it can be fun, provide a great deal of pride and satisfaction, and generate clean energy for 25 years AFTER you pass the payback point! Solar has an excellent ROI. (This is NOT about building home-made panels – it’s about using commercially available products and providing your own labor) I travel anywhere within a 1 day drive from South Carolina to provide my “boots on the roof” DIY Solar assistance!! I’ve been as far East as Virginia, as far North as the tip of Michigan, West to St. Louis and South through all of Kentucky, and even up into Vermont! We are finally moved in to  our dream home on Lake Keowee in South Carolina and living OFF-Grid!  I’m easing in to retirement, but I’ll still be doing solar jobs within a one day drive, and I’m hoping that most of my consulting will be done via “Remote” consults using the phone, facetime, and email.

Complete Design and Installation

If you’ve made the decision to go Solar but pricing you’ve received has left you with sticker shock, or if you just want another bid for your solar project, please contact me. So far just about every installation I’ve helped with has come in just above or below $1.45/watt finished. Some jobs have come in as low as $1.10/watt!  I’m a career BSEE (30 years!) and NABCEP Certified PV Installer (#032611-321), and I’ve completed way over 175 successful (affordable!) DIY installations both small and large over the last 15 years. I’ve done simple grid tied systems as well as battery backup and OFF-GRID projects. And, yes, I LIVE OFF GRID!!  I’ve made a commitment to do whatever it takes to bring solar to people like you who are ready to invest NOW to reap the cost savings that solar can provide over the next 30 years. There’s more to it than you might imagine, and I can explain it all in easy to understand terms. No high pressure to close on first contact either! 13 years of experience can help you avoid the most costly mistakes!!

Be Sure to check out Frequently Asked Questions before you leave my site! All your questions will be answered here! If you want to see what typical DIY Solar projects look like, check out the BLOG!

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