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Perfect Day for DIY Solar!

Perfect Day for DIY Solar in Cincinnati!!

Today in Cincinnati is a DIY Solar enthusiasts dream day. Blue Skies, and not a cloud as far as the eye can see. Temps below 20F mean HIGH EFFICIENCY for solar panels! I added panel #19 to a planned 20 panel layout last week, and if you have panels on your roof, you know it’s all about checking the power output every 30 minutes to see if you’re hitting a new peak!! I know, I know, that sounds silly, but that’s how it starts, and I’m still not tired of checking, and my array has been up since July of last year! Here’s a picture of my place in Cincinnati, and a link to the Enphase performance page so you can see for yourself!! What makes this week even better is that I signed a contract to sell my four 2011 SRECs for $315 each this past week! 5 year payback is right on schedule!! Here’s that link: Enphase Performance Link for my house in Newtown

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